To juice or not to juice it

Sweetened drinks such as soft drinks, Juices, whether fresh, canned, all natural or artificial have been recently been on the front scene as responsible, among other factors for the increase in the obesity rates in children, adolescents, and adults. The main culprit is of course sugar, but the emphasis is also on the liquid calories which do not provide satiety; You end up feeling hungry even though you have consumed a substantial amount of calories.

Many parents switch to natural or fresh juice as an alternative to other sweetened beverages, which is a healthier alternative with a higher nutrient density, however, it is still loaded with sugars, although natural ….

The only indispensable fluid a child needs is water, and it is the best drink we can offer to our children with a meal or during the day. One cup of fresh juice is equal to 2-3 fruits, minus the fibers, I would rather have my child eat the fruit instead of drinking it. Milk and yogurt are good alternatives to juices and could be given to children once or twice a day. Smoothies prepared with milk/yogurt and fruits can also be offered as a healthy snack or drink, as long as we control the portions and don’t add sugar.

Bottom line, for a healthier you, eat your fruits, drink your fresh plain water, and don’t forget to move, walk, play or dance.

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