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"If you want to lose weight and eat whatever you want for lunch/ dinner and desserts in healthy quantities, check out and follow Dr. Carla’s diets”


Ibtihaj & Lara

“…In addition to being friendly, extremely professional and above all so attentive to her clients needs, Dr. Carla has taught me two very important lessons when it comes to nutrition. First, weight loss is not a linear journey, our bodies and will power won’t cooperate the way we want them to and this is totally fine, rather than viewing these minor setbacks as a necessary ending to our weight loss journey, we should embrace them and look at them as a general process to fitness. Another important lesson, there shouldn’t be a certain food group that is considered to be the enemy. When I was following Dr. Carla’s plan I was eating all types of food and I still managed to reach my goals, thank you Dr. Carla!”



"Dr. Carla Habib Mourad has made it her mission to promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle above all else. Thanks to her help, my perspective on nutrition definitely changed to the better. I now seek healthier eating habits that enhance my fitness and overall quality of life instead of working for the singular and short-sighted goal of weight loss alone. Dr. Carla helped establish these changes with such ease and simplicity that is complemented by her vast knowledge in the field. These qualities made me completely trust her advice on all aspects of nutrition. I would recommend Dr. Carla to anyone wanting to achieve, and most importantly, maintain their personal health goals while approaching a happier, healthier and longer life."



“I started my food reeducation with Dr. Carla in my teenage years. To say that this experience was any less than life changing would be an understatement. Nobody likes to be the fat kid at school, this one child who’s bad at sports and that always gets picked on. This is precisely who I was before meeting Dr. Carla. I still remember the feeling that I had after my first consultation. It was a mixture of shock, excitement and relief. Let me explain, at this point I used to think that getting fit was a lost case for me. Dr. Carla’s reassuring and kind words put me at ease and the diet that she proposed to me made me feel that getting fit wasn’t so hard and frightening after all. I was so shocked about the possibility to lose weight by adopting small and smooth changes to my lifestyle that I actually didn’t believe I would be able to hit the goal that we set back then. 2 months later, not only had I hit my target in the most healthy of ways, I was also more pumped and energized than ever and continued my journey towards a fit and healthy body. So to you Dr. Carla, thank you for changing my life and thank you for teaching me that fitness is indeed a lifestyle.”



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