Back to school: Do’s and Don’t do list

Back to school.. It is this time of the year when we start wondering: what are we feeding our children… plus the dilemma between what they actually like to eat and what they should eat!

If you’re confused and out of ideas see the below checklist for a hassle free school lunch preps:

  • One fruit or veggie: carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes or 10 pieces of grapes or orange sections. You can send 2 options 😉
  • Water as a drink, no need for juice. Yogurt or milk drinks can be an option especially if the sandwich does not have a protein choice.
  • Cheese or Zaatar sandwich, manouche or pizza, fatayer spinach or cheese.
  • One sweet treat: small portion of plain chocolate (30g) or a slice of home made cake or cookies.

Vary the options to avoid repetition and let your child help in the preparations.

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