Avocado Hummus Wrap

Try this healthy wrap for a quick lunch or light dinner Ingredients 1 loaf bread markouk 2-3 tbsp. hummus Mint leaves Avocado, deseeded and sliced   Directions Spread humus in the bread; add mint leaves, top with avocado slices. Nutritional Facts for Avocado Hummus Wrap Nutrition information per 1 wrap: Calories 241 Kcal Fat 20g […]

Tuna Pizza

If you are a Tuna fan, you will love this pizza. Ingredients 1 ready pizza dough 2-3 tbsp. mustard 100g tuna, crumbled 1 green onion, minced 1 tbsp. thyme leaves, shredded Directions Layer the pizza dough with mustard; add tuna, sprinkle over green onions and thyme leaves. Heat in theoven for 10 minutes. Nutritional Facts […]

Hummus Fatte

Chickpeas are an excellent source of protein and fibers. Combined with yogurt and bread, they make a perfect lunch or supper. Ingredients ½ cup boiled chickpeas 3-4 tbsp. yogurt ¼ loaf grilled pita bread, cut 6 almonds, toasted ½ teaspoon Salt ½ teaspoon garlic powder or 1 small garlic clove minced Directions Combine chickpeas with […]

Crunchy homemade Chicken Nuggets

This recipe is perfect for teaching young kids to cook. You can do the cutting and the kids can do the rest. Ingredients ½ kg skinless chicken breast, cut in strips 1 egg ½ cup corn flour ½ cup bread crumbs 1 tsp salt 1-2 tsp mixed spices: garlic powder, white and black pepper, and […]


When you are craving burgers, try this recipe. It is my nephew’s and it is always a hit, especially with the dressing, we substituted mayonnaise for labneh. Ingredients 200g ground lean meat 1 egg Black and white pepper 1 tbsp. oil Directions Mix meat, egg salt and pepper, divide in two or three balls and […]

Vegetarian Tortillas

Craving something filling and you do not eat meat, try this veggie wrap, it is simply delicious. Ingredients One Soft tortilla 3- 4 tablespoons cooked red or black beans (you can use canned beans) 3 tablespoons shredded carrots and cabbage One tablespoon readymade salsa or diced tomatoes   Directions Heat the tortilla in the oven […]

Roast beef

Our go to recipe for a delicious roast. Freeze the broth for later use in stews or other sauces; you can as well serve it with the roast. Add one-tablespoon cornstarch to one-cup broth and heat until it thickens. Ingredients 1.5 kg lean meat filet or faux filet 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 […]

Pomegranate Kebbe

Kebbe is a mixture of lean meat with cracked wheat or bulgur, typical to the Middle Eastern region. It isusually prepared at home and rolled in pieces, but can be store bought frozen. This is a traditional recipe from Aleppo, I learned it from my mother in law and adapted it so to have less […]